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I work independently and with co-facilitators for training and contracts.  I work with a national network of very skilled trainers and will curate the team that best meets the needs of your organization and your goals for training.


Contact me to learn more.


The teams I work with offer training and facilitated dialogues designed to bring groups and organizations into deeper conversations on equity, inclusion and dismantling racism.  


We believe that organizations cannot have conversations around equity and inclusion without a shared language, framework, and a shared analysis of oppression and privilege.  This shared framework creates the foundation upon which an organization can do deeper work. 


Our facilitation teams can tailor the training to address the educational gaps and needed skills identified by your organization


I currently offer a presentation called What Does it Mean to Be White which aims to help white people in the united states understand the historical construction of whiteness, the legacy of white advantage, and how cultural messages of belonging and superiority have been strategically used to coopt white people across class and keep them from organizing for racial equity and collective liberation.


I have designed and developed hundreds of workshops throughout my career and can design a workshop to meet the needs of your group.  I use interactive techniques to engage learners in understanding concepts such as implicit bias, internalized oppression, and the dynamics of privilege and power. 


I am trained in the work of the Theatre of the Oppressed and can create interactive and engaging learning experiences that help participants deeply and quickly understand complex topics. 


In racial equity work it is essential that white people and people of color have designated time and spaces to do their own work.  I am a facilitator of white anti-racist caucus spaces, which are created to help white people grapple with internalized racism and explore their cultural conditioning. 


I co-lead short and long-term consulting contracts to help organizations:


  • deepen their analysis on equity issues and embed continued opportunities for learning

  • develop and sustain an internal equity group to advance the work

  • build tools, processes, and policies that reinforce equity culture and behaviors and build capacity for success

  • Examine organizational values, vision, and practices to ensure long-term systems change

  • Build relational capacity to ensure long-term, sustainable transformation


I offer coaching and mentorship for organizational leaders and key staff members engaged in equity processes to help them navigate organizational change.  In race equity processes, I often coach white folks in leadership and on executive teams to navigate the complexities of culture shift toward inclusion and shared power for people of color within historically white institutions. 

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